Times, directions, and what to expect.

Getting to know each other

We know meeting in a new environment for the first time can be intimidating. We want to help make your experience at Discipleship Groups a great one!

All of our group leaders are people you will recognize from Sunday services.


We believe that studying the Bible and spending time with other believers isn't just meant to happen during our Sunday service. We encourage you to look into finding a group best suited for this season of your life as they do start and change locations occasionally, look for more updates here and on our social pages.

In discipleship, groups will be taking an even more in-depth look into the principles presented the first time around, by focusing on one lesson per week. It is our desire as a church to not only help inspire people to engage God but to do so through His principles and the wisdom that can be found through learning more about God together. Attending a discipleship group gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Bible while getting to know other members of the church. In the simplest way put, sharing life together is as important as living a life with Christ.

What can I expect?

How long is a discipleship group?

On average a group meeting will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Groups are already starting and to find out when one near you will begin or if it has already, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will help connect you with more information. While the discipleship course does come with a straightforward guide, that is broken into 3 levels of 16 lessons each, our current round of groups are set to take a more individualized approach. Meeting once a week, each gathering will be the same in focus but the exact time may vary. Groups will be kept relatively low in number, as our hope is that each participant will be able to fully engage and learn together on a deeper level.

What's the culture like?

Discipleship groups are exciting, casual, and relaxed. Come as you are and expect to feel welcomed and included.

We believe that accountability through personal connection and involvement is the best was to truly grow in our knowledge of God and what life looks like when we have a personally engaging relationship with Him.

Examples of what you might expect during gatherings are an opportunity to share celebrations about your week, something you desire prayer for and a moment to share something from the week's lesson you can apply or are excited to share with someone else.

What about my kids?

Childcare will vary by group. When filling out the form below please let us know that you have children and list their ages so we can match you with the group best suited for you.

Let us know you're coming

Ready to sign up for a discipleship group now? Fill out the form below so a member of our team can help you find the one best suited for you. Currently, the available groups are listed below.

Monday 10:00 am, Peoria

Healing University

Tuesday 1:00 pm, Sun City

Spirit Soul and Body hosted by Mary Joy

Tuesday 6:30 pm, Glendale

Discipleship hosted by The Ortiz Family

Friday 6:30 pm, North Phoenix,

Discipleship hosted by Matt Shafer